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The Secrets to Success in the Minecraft Tournament

posted Jan 26, 2015, 4:07 AM by mr.philp@paganelschool.net
After our first week, 5 teams have now competed in the Minecraft Tournament. There have been a range of different strategies, some of which have worked and some of which have been complete disasters. The best teams so far have scored over 200 points in their 45 minutes. Here's some tips I've seen from the best teams:

Don't Die
When the first night comes I've seen a lot of panic - players running around and generally getting killed by Mobs. Here's how to avoid this:
  • stay still: the more you run around the Mobs you attract. You can even have one player whose job it is to attract the Mobs, whilst the rest of you get on with earning points.
  • hide in your house and mine down. You can't win any points by hiding, but you can dig in safety and you never know you might find something good.
  • Make torches. One of the best ways of keeping Mobs away is to make lots of torches so that they can't spawn nearby.
Make 6 beds.
This is the best strategy. If you can find a way of making 6 beds, you're whole team can sleep through the night and gain extra minutes of daytime mining and crafting.

There is no point putting things in your chest that aren't worth anything. Only mine only craft what will score you points.

Keep your hearts up
If your hearts go low then you can die by just falling a few block so keep your hearts up by:
  • making food and keeping your hanger bar on full.
  • avoiding the temptation to hit each other.